We help young women with metastatic or relapsed cancer.

What is Mélanie's Way?

Mélanie’s Way is a Canadian charity that grants personalized ‘wishes’ to young women with metastatic or relapsed cancer. Our goal is to extend the definition of serving these women beyond the medical arena – to focus on maximizing joy and creating customized experiences and shared memories with their loved ones. 

We help women follow Mélanie’s Way by granting wishes that will create unique, joyful experiences for these women to share with those they will leave behind. 

Mélanie’s Way is run by over 30 volunteers across Canada and serves young women between the ages of 18 and 45 who have metastatic or relapsed cancer (stage 4).

About Mélanie 

Mélanie Chalmers refused to be defined by the cancer that took her life.  Her friends and family remember her not for the way she left us – too young, and too soon – but for the way she shared with us her passion to squeeze the most out of her life.    

Mélanie had the courage to choose the exceptional, and to pursue amazing experiences in the face of great personal cost and risk.  This often meant exploring the far corners of the world, which she continued to do up until her final days.  

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