What Mélanie’s Way Means to Me: Amy Hao

Today, we'd like to introduce you to another one of our Marketing team members - Amy Hao. Amy shares why she volunteers for Mélanie’s Way, and what being a part of the team means to her:


I first joined Mélanie’s Way because Mélanie’s story touched me. Although I had never met Mélanie, her “joie de vivre” was apparent in the way her loved ones talked about her. The way she refused to be defined by her cancer, the way she squeezed the most out of life in the face of something none of us should have to face...The way Mélanie embraced living was enough to inspire a complete stranger like me.

As I became more involved with Mélanie’s Way, the women I met reminded me why I joined. I still vividly remember meeting our second wish recipient, Jennifer. I had read her wish application before the day - she was 35 years young, with two adorable children. Cancer came into her life out of the blue, and gave her one short year to live. Her wish was to spend time with her family at a Jay’s game. When she first stepped foot into that Blue Jay’s box, I was taken aback by how frail she looked. She was hooked up to an oxygen tank and bound to a wheelchair. Her voice was meek and her breath laboured. But as Jennifer and I started talking, she proved me wrong - she wasn’t frail. Her smile was radiant. She made jokes. Her toenails were painted a summery shade of hot pink. She was surrounded by her family, surrounded by love, and was intent on leaving them with meaningful moments to remember her by. She was strong.

Being a part of Mélanie’s Way has not been without its ups and downs. There have been moments of joy: witnessing a wish come true, hearing from a wish recipient about the meaning of what we’ve done, and spending time with my talented and hard-working team of volunteers. There have also undoubtedly been moments of heartache: the loss of a friend, a sister, a mother, a wife. Throughout all of this, being a part of Mélanie’s Way reminds me that each moment we spend with our loved ones is precious. They matter. That we should squeeze the most of those moments, and squeeze the ones we love a little tighter. That’s what Mélanie’s Way means to me. 

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