What Mélanie's Way Means to Me - Mike Kenigsberg

Mike Kenigsberg, a member of our Board of Directors and Marketing team, on what Mélanie's Way means to him:

Haven both worked with healthcare companies helping to extend the lives of those with metastatic cancers, and haven had to watch my own mother pass away from metastatic cancer I understand the value of time to patients and their families. For those who too often measure time in days or weeks, a single act of kindness, a single opportunity to do something unexpected, or a single memory can mean the world. Each happy memory I can help make possible seems to touch me as much as it does those who receive it.

Those memories are even more special given that they are given in the memory of Mélanie. I first met Mélanie and Rob (the founder of Mélanie's Way) a number of years ago. For those who knew Mélanie and Rob they will understand just how special both of them are. They are people that would do anything for anyone in need, and in turn, inspire you to be a better person. It's truly an honour to push a vision forward, inspired by Mélanie, in a hope that I can be half as inspirational as she was.

Lastly, it's not surprising that Rob and Mélanie have assembled a group of exceptional volunteers. Not only smart, committed and driven, but also passionate and inspired. It's a team that truly embodies the acts of kindness that drive Mélanie's Way and I am continuously humbled to work among them.

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