Eight Wish - Alyssa

Eight Wish - Alyssa

Alyssa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. In a heartfelt application to Mélanie’s Way, she expressed the hardships of caring for her family and dealing with cancer at the same time. Instead of worrying about doctor’s appointments, Alyssa wanted to be able to spend quality time with her husband, Garrett, and her son, Elliot, to create lasting, happy memories as a family.

In January of 2019, Mélanie’s Way helped grant Alyssa's wish. Alyssa and her family jetted off to Turks and Caicos Islands to enjoy a week away from their daily routine. Countless memories were made as Alyssa, Garrett and their son, Elliot, were finally able to kick back, relax and enjoy life together. From breakfast with Sesame Street friends to walks along the beach, this was an unforgettable trip for the family. As Alyssa said, “It’s important to me for my son to have some time to remember me, as a mom, and his father, just together as a family doing fun things.”

Alyssa, Garrett, and Elliott left Turks and Caicos with amazing memories, photos, and full hearts.

Mélanie’s Way creates custom experience for young women with metastatic or relapse cancer. The experiences we provide build long-lasting memories for recipients like Alyssa and their families. Help build life-changing memories for recipients and their loved ones by providing a small piece of an important wish.

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