Eleventh Wish - Christa

Eleventh Wish - Christa

Christa was diagnosed with metastatic cervical cancer. This 35-year-old ardent animal lover wished for an experience money can’t buy. She had always been fascinated by animals and has a deep love for zoos. What better wish than a day as a zookeeper!

On a bright, warm Sunday morning, Christa and her family were whisked away in a zoo-themed SUV limo heading to the Toronto Zoo. The limo was decorated with animal pictures and a lovely gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies (including a cute tiger stuffed toy). From getting a behind-the-scenes experience with the gorillas to getting up close to the Sumatran tiger, Christa was able to fulfill her dream of being a zookeeper for a day with her family and close friends.

At the zoo, Christa, her family and friends were given a behind-the-scenes experience with the gorillas. While they learned all about the gorillas, the creatures kept busy by nibbling away on snacks. Afterwards, the group visited the Sumatran tiger, who appeared to be quite interested with the stuffed tiger toy that Austin, Christa’s son, had received earlier. The tour then led the group to the health center, where the animals are taken care of and where many medical professionals such as surgeons and dentists donate their time to help the animals out.

After visiting the animals and enjoying a behind-the-scenes tour at the Toronto Zoo, Christa, her husband, Chris, and their son, Austin, ended the day with a carousel ride. While the whole day was certainly a memorable one for Christa, the biggest highlight was when she received a gift from a special artist – a painting that Josephine the gorilla created!

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