Fifth Wish - Nicky

Fifth Wish - Nicky

Nicky is a vivacious 36-year-old, who was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2014.

Nicky wished for the ultimate girl's getaway with her best friend Megan and aunt Kelly to forget about their cancer treatments and doctor's appointments. An absolute ray of sunshine herself, she chose to lounge on the beach to soak up some sun and flew to Cancun, Mexico.

In February 2019, Nicky boarded her Air Canada flight to Mexico. Our friends at Air Canada Rouge went the extra mile to make the start of her trip extra special. They made sure to surprise Nicky and her girls with a proper Captain’s welcome, a cockpit tour, and upgraded all of them to first class, adding presents as the cherry on top. Nicky had a huge smile on her face, as they let her climb into the cockpit, sit in the captain’s seat, and wear the captain’s hat.     

Nicky had a memorable, sun-filled stay at the Royalton Riviera Cancun; a much-needed week away. As Nicky put it, it was “a dream come true”.

Before Nicky wrapped up her amazing wish in Mexico, she bought colorful sombrero hats for her adorable dogs, taking a little piece of Cancun, and her wish, home with her.

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