First Wish - Shannon

First Wish - Shannon

Creating family memories at Disney World

Shannon was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 when she was only 32 years old.  She remembers the bus ride home from that appointment with a then 4 year old and 1.5 year old and she knew everything had changed.  She had finished college and was about to pursue a career as a dental assistant; instead she had to relocate back to Toronto to begin treatment.  In 2014 the cancer returned and had moved to her bones and her focus moved to thinking only about her children.

Shannon’s mission is to make everything as special as she can for her children.  With every new movie that they see, every school function they attend, every new skill they learn her goal is to create lasting memories so they always remember how their mommy did it.  Shannon spends her time thinking about the future, shopping for her daughter’s birthday four months in advance, not knowing if she’ll have the energy closer to the date.

Shannon’s wish was to take her family to Disneyworld.  A family vacation, with time just for them, with no doctor’s appointments or feeling sick... a time that they can look back on and not see their mother as sick but instead see her smiling.

In August 2016, Shannon and her two children began their adventure to Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios and Discovery Cove Sea World in Florida.  There were too many highlights to cover over their 13-day adventure but staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge was the most important part of the wish for the children.

The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studies were full of rides, smiles and shared memories. Creating memories with loved ones was the priority, but having a chance to meet some real life Princesses and other Disney characters definitely left smiles on everyone’s faces!  

Universal Studios and Dolphin Cove helped round out the trip, full of more rides, more food and best of all more time to enjoy the family and create lasting joy and long-term memories.

Mélanie’s Way creates custom experience for young women with metastatic or relapse cancer. The experiences we provide build long-lasting memories for recipients like Shannon and their families. Help build life-changing memories for recipients and their loved ones by providing a small piece of an important wish.

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