Fourth Wish - Lucia

Fourth Wish - Lucia

Lucia is a 44-year old mother of 3. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2014.

Lucia's wish application came to us in the form of a touching letter, the contents of which touched our entire team. She wrote: "Before my diagnosis, a 'bucket list' was the furthest thing from my mind. But Mélanie's adventures reminded me that we owe it to our families to live those dreams that we thought we could save for later, now...For me, a wish come true would be an escape, not only from doctor's appointments and those dreaded scans, but also from juggling work and life. It is those memories that will eventually bring my family some comfort. I've come to accept that 'later' is no longer a part of my vocabulary." 

Her wish was to spend time with her family creating wonderful memories in Havana and Varadero - and we made it come true! 

On January 2nd, 2019, the Mélanie's Way team hosted Lucia and her family in Toronto as they flew in from British Columbia. The kids marveled at the snowfall that had yet to hit Vancouver, and wanted to play outside instead of eat dinner. The family traded snow for sand as they boarded their flight to Cuba for a 10-day experience split between Havana and Varadero. 

Lucia shared many wonderful highlights from their trip. Her 5-year old daughter, Louisa, exclaimed: "this is like the good place. they have an ice cream stand and everything is free, I wish all of Canada can be like this place!!!" Lucia remarked that the trip brought an unexpected surprise: “At home it is devices and screens on all the time. In Cuba the internet is spotty, so the kids were forced to spend in our company. It was an unexpected bonus." The family went horseback riding, toured a tobacco farm, swam in a lake, and dined by a country restaurant overlooking the mountains. Not only was Lucia's wish an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with her kids, but it was also a chance to create cherished memories with her husband, Chris. As she put it, “for the first time we feel like what a break feels like. It was fantastic, I'm glad we did it.” 

Mélanie’s Way creates custom experience for young women with metastatic or relapse cancer. The experiences we provide build long-lasting memories for recipients like Lucia and their families.

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