Ninth Wish - Jayda

Ninth Wish - Jayda

Ever since Jayda was a young girl, she was an avid Harry Potter fan. The famous series helped Jayda through a lot – it helped her fall asleep before she was diagnosed with cancer. After her diagnosis, Jayda said that when she was too sick to open her eyes to read or move, she would listen to audiobooks on loop. 

Jayda's wish was to visit the Warner Bros. Studio in London to get a behind the scenes glimpse of Harry Potter World.

So, the "magic" happened in March 2019 as Jayda, and her husband-to-be, Alex, embarked on an adventure to London. Before even arriving in London, Jayda and Alex’s trip started off with a bang thanks to the amazing service from the dedicated crew members of Air Canada. After being upgraded to first class, the crew surprised Jayda with a birthday card, a Gryffindor scarf and a beautiful Golden Snitch necklace, which coincidentally matched her wedding ring!

Arriving at King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾, Jayda and Alex were ready to board the Hogwarts Express. They visited many of the major sets used in the Harry Potter series – 4 Privet Drive (including Harry’s Cupboard under the stairs), the Wooden Bridge at Hogwarts, the Potions classroom, the Gryffindor Boys Dormitory, and Diagon Alley – just to name a few. Jayda was also surprised with the opportunity to open the doors to the Great Hall and lead everyone in as she was the birthday girl! To top it all off, Jayda and her husband also got to enjoy a mug of delicious Butterbeer during their visit.

After receiving the opportunity to visit Warner Bros. Studio a second time, Jayda decided to pay it forward by heading to Reddit and posting under the #London and #HarryPotter feeds to see if anyone would be interested in doing the Harry Potter tour with her. Her posts received tremendous interest and she ended up meeting a young man named Luke and they spent the day together getting to know each other and enjoying the tour! Jayda was not only able to enjoy the Harry Potter tour again but she also made a new friend, who she still chats with now!

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