Second Wish - Jennifer

Jennifer is a 35-year-old mother of 2 young sons who are 3 and 16 months. One year ago, and just a few months after the birth of her youngest son, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

On Jennifer’s birthday, she was delighted to hear that Melanie’s Way would be granting her wish. Jennifer’s health wouldn’t allow her to travel on a plane, so her wish was to enjoy a Blue Jay’s game with her family.

In April 2017, a limousine showed up to take Jennifer and her family to the game. The spirited family of 8, dressed in their best Jay’s apparel, dawned radiant smiles to take in a game from a private box. With food and a great view of the game the family created happy memories together.

The experience was punctuated as Jennifer’s husband, Brian, was celebrating his birthday. Though Jennifer and Brian couldn’t will the Jay’s beat the Red Sox, the entire family shared a birthday cake.

The family loved watching one of their favourite sports teams, spending precious time together and creating unforgettable family memories.

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