Sixth Wish - Stephanie

Sixth Wish - Stephanie

Stephanie was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014. Her and her wife Michelle got married in their home, while Stephanie was undergoing treatment.

Stephanie’s wish was to surprise her partner Michelle with the honeymoon they never had. It was just after their 4th wedding anniversary when Mélanie’s Way made this wish come true. Steph and Shelley flew to Mexico for a week-long stay at the El Dorado Maroma Resort by Karisma. Their trip was complete with a private overwater-bungalow, a rose petal decorated room and sport fishing!

As Stephanie put it, "This trip really was the honeymoon we never had. What a happy surprise to arrive at our overwater bungalow and see our door had been wrapped in a “Happy Honeymoon” banner! We were spoiled with the bungalow that was most private and had the most beautiful views that looked out into the aqua green sea. The bungalow was complete with our own private deck and infinity pool, glass floors, an outdoor shower, a stocked mini fridge and a smart TV. What more can a couple ask for?!"

Since the couple had really enjoyed fishing together before, Mélanie’s Way organized a deep sea fishing adventure. Stephanie remembered their experience with fondness: "It was such fun! Our expert fishermen hosts helped us with putting the bait on the line, preparing our fishing rods and taking the fish off the hook. We got to do the fun part of waiting to feel a bite and reeling them in. Perhaps it was beginners luck but we both caught about 5-6 fish! Not bad for a couple of newbies. Sadly, the fish were not big enough or meaty enough to cook. They kept them for future bait though. I honestly can’t wait to go fishing again."

Mélanie’s Way creates custom experience for young women with metastatic or relapse cancer. The experiences we provide build long-lasting memories for recipients like Stephanie and their families. Help build life-changing memories for recipients and their loved ones by providing a small piece of an important wish.

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