Tenth Wish - Tracy

Tenth Wish - Tracy

Tracy was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in May 2015.

Before Mélanie’s Way granted her wish, Tracy wrote to us and said "All the time, I feel bad for my kids as they have a broken mom. I just want to make as many memories with them as possible." Tracy’s wish was to give her husband and kids a gift - the gift of memories that would last a lifetime.

Tracy, her husband Josh and their 2 beautiful kids Mason (14) and Meleena (5) spent time at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Looking at the photos from their trip, we saw a loving, radiant mother and partner and above all, a fighter who was so courageous and strong despite everything that life threw her way.

Mélanie’s Way creates custom experience for young women with metastatic or relapse cancer. The experiences we provide build long-lasting memories for recipients like Tracy and their families.

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