Third Wish - Sarah

Third Wish - Sarah

Sarah Hannafin and her husband Jeremiah had their dream wedding at Dreams Punta Cana in 2013. Just two years later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The newlywed couple turned their attention to dealing with treatment after treatment. Just as they thought Sarah was in the clear, she was re-diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer – the doctors had missed it, but it had been there from the start.

In May 2018, five years after Sarah and Jeremiah’s special day, Mélanie’s Way sent the couple back to Dreams Punta Cana to re-live the magic of their marriage and create new, precious memories on their anniversary. The Mélanie’s Way team arranged for the couple to be in the same hotel room as the one they had when they got married.

Sarah and Jeremiah enjoyed breakfast with a view, and spent their days soaking up the sun and waves. Their trip was filled with familiar sights – places at the resort that have special meaning for them. Dreams had always been their resort, and being there took the couple back to a time in their lives where cancer did not even cross their minds. It gave them time to be themselves again – not to have to think about their bills, their mortgage, or Sarah’s cancer….time to focus on their relationship.

The most epic part of their trip was a helicopter ride, that made the massive coast of the island look small. Last, but definitely not least, the couple was accompanied by surprise guests – both in animal and human form! From the island wildlife to the surfing dogs, Sarah and Jeremiah were kept in good company. And the fact that their close friends from home were able to join them at the resort meant that they were able to share these special moments with even more loved ones.

With love in their hearts and sand between their toes, Sarah and Jeremiah returned home from their dream anniversary – an unforgettable experience.


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